The Learned Pig Project
Proudly Presents:
The Original Tarbell Course in Magic

This is your chance to own The Tarbell Course in Magic as it was originally published in 60 lessons. Beautifully done in printer-friendly PDF, it contains the complete text and almost 3,000 illustrations of the original course. This CD-ROM has several advantages over the 8 volume book edition, among them smaller size and much less weight, smaller price, convenience and, most important, unlike the latter books, the original work we present here, is a methodical, step-by-step course teaching how to become a magician by taking you from small pocket tricks to big stage illusions in an structured and intelligent manner. Along the way you will learn Coin and Card Magic, Ball, Cigarette and Thimble Manipulation, Rope Magic, Mental Magic and Miscellaneous tricks for Close-Up, Parlor and Stage and several excellent big Illusions. The important subjects of Personality, Showmanship, Magical Ethics, Publicity and Promotion are also very well covered. Click here to buy it

Here is a list of the contents:

Lesson 1
The History of Magic
Professional Attitude
The Dissolving Coin

Lesson 2
The History of Sleight of Hand
Power of Suggestion
Mystery of the Burning Cigarette
The Asbestos Palm
Burning a Borrowed Handkerchief
The Enchanted Paper

Lesson 3
Necromancy and Divination
Metal Ring on a String
The Patriotic Rings and String
The Vanishing Ring on String

Lesson 4
Development of Superstitions
Review of Principles
Chinese Paper Mystery
Wintertime in China
Japanese Torn and Restored Napkin

Lesson 5
Magic and Religion
Magic Develops your Personality
Hindoo Paper Tearing
Milady's Parisienne Hat
The Patriotic Paper Balls

Lesson 6
Magic and the Science of Medicine
Kellar's Cut and Restored Cord
Comedy Version of Germaine Cord Effect

Lesson 7
Coats, Tapes and Rings
Coat, Ropes and Rings
The Prisoner's Escape
The Magic Orange
Walking Through Tapes
Another Tape Release

Lesson 8
The Relation of Magic to other Sciences
Mystery of the Travelling Numbers
The Spirit Mathematician
The Numbers on the Arm
Rapid Banking

Lesson 9
The Principles of Card Effects
The Rising Card Escape
Sealed Card Mystery
A Psychological Impossibility

Lesson 10
Confidence and Enthusiasm
How to Present a Program
Suggestions for Programs

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Lesson 11
The Penetrating Ring
The Jumping Rubber Band
Thumb Tie with Rubber Band
The Japanese Thumb Tie

Lesson 12
Cards that Pass in the Night
The Cards up the Sleeve
Cards up the Sleeve--Shoulder Method

Lesson 13
Review of Lessons 1 to 12
The Regular Pass
The Card Stab
The X-Ray Knife
The Magnetic Knife

Lesson 14
The Force
The Jog
Producing a Card from a Whole Orange
The Card and the Banana
The Bewitched Banana

Lesson 15
Guide to Card Positions
Various Principles of Palming and Shifts
The Conjurer's Touch
A Mysterious Discovery
Cards, Envelopes and Hat

Lesson 16
"Tack it"
New Era Version of Card Through Handkerchief
Three Cards Through the Handkerchief
Rising Cards Through Handkerchief

Lesson 17
"Snap it"
Flash Card Production
Mystery of the Glass House

Lesson 18
Rising Cards
Cardini Rising Cards
The Rising Cards and Card Case
Rising Cards from Glass Tumbler

Lesson 19
The Enchanted Cards and Envelope
Bewitched Rising Cards and Envelope
Mysterious Bookmarks
A Book and a Card
Rising Cards through Hat
Rising Cards out of Hat

Lesson 20
How to please your audience
The Vanishing Wand
King Solomon's Marriage Bands
Arrangement of Programs

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Lesson 21
Sleight of Hand with Coins
Palming used in Coin Sleights
Holds used in Coin Sleights
Manipulation Methods for Vanishing a Coin
To get rid of Coin after Vanishing in Hand
The Elusive Change-over Palm
The Thumb Change-over

Lesson 22
The Homing Coins
Invisible Money Transit
The Coin in the Magical Envelopes

Lesson 23
The Miser's Dream
The Coin, Envelope and Handkerchief
How to Vanish a Coin Wrapped in Paper
The Passe Coins and Glasses
The Passe Coins from Hand to Hand
The Phantom Coin

Lesson 24
Humpty Dumpty Outdone
The Egg Bag

Lesson 25
Review of Lessons 13 to 24
Effects with Rabbits
The "Modern" Rabbit Box Production
The "Sucker" Rabbit Box Vanish
Milady's Hat Box Rabbit Vanish
The "Unique" Box Rabbit Vanish

Lesson 26
The Cut and Restored Ribbon
A Card and Ribbon Mystery
The Ghostly Ribbon
A Spirit Communication
A Wandering Ribbon

Lesson 27
The Needle Swallowing Trick
A Thimble Act
The Miser's Dream with Thimbles
Some Interesting Thimble Vanishes

Lesson 28
The Egg, the Glass and the Handkerchief
The Wandering Handkerchief
The Silk and the Flame
The Candle, the Silk and the Paper Tube
The Educated Knot

Lesson 29
Divisions of Modern Magic
The Chess Knight's Tour
A Mind Reading Act
The Yogi's Prediction
The X-Ray Cards
Telepatic Pictures

Lesson 30
Making Money with Magic
Arranging an Evening's Program
Staging your Program
Wand from Pocketbook
Cigar from Pocketbook
Wand from Card Case
Silk Production from Hat
Chinese Production Box
A Rabbit Travelling Bag
De Luxe Silk Production from Hat
Production of Rabbit from Silks
Chinese Box Vanish for Rabbit
Other Rabbit Bags

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Lesson 31
A Modern Crystal Gazing Act
Rapid Mental Transference
A Good "One Man" Mind Reading Act
Distant Mental Communication
Blindfold Card Stabbing
A Mystic Discovery

Lesson 32
Your Relation to Other Magicians
The Pull Away Single Knot
The Dissolving Single Knot
The Speedy Single Knot
The Fade-Away Double Knot
Quick Release Double Knot
Leg Tie and Release with a Bow Knot
The Magical Bow Knot
Chain Tie and Release with Bow Knot
Repeat Handkerchief Vanish
An Eggs-traordinary Eggs-planation
A Sucker Handkerchief Vanish
A One-Man Handkerchief Vanish
The Sympathetic Silks
Elusive Silks

Lesson 33
Cigarette Manipulation
The Push-in Vanish
The Pick-up Vanish
The Pivot Vanish
Front and Back Palm
The Throwing Vanish
The Pull-Away Vanish
To Vanish Cigarette up the Nose
To Produce Cigarettes from Ear
To Swallow a Cigarette
Vanish and Production of Paul Fuchs
The Multiplying Cigarette
The Change-over Palm
The Burning Cigarette and Silk Handkerchief
The Phantom Cigarette
The Vanishing Cigarette
The Vanishing Pencil
The Dollar Bill in Cigarette
Catching Cigarettes in the Air
An Odd Cigarette Vanish
Cardini's Floating Cigarette
To Produce Lighted Cigarette from Box

Lesson 34
Twelve Impromptu Effects with Cards
A Baffling Discovery
Royal Card Discovery
Birds of a Feather
The Thoughtful Joker
Card Appearance at Selected Number
The Change-about Card
Find the Burglar
Thought Location
Another Method for Card in Pocket
The Mystic Card Clock Dial
Location of Cards in a Hat Shuffle
Selected Cards from Spectator's Pocket

Lesson 35
Sleight of Hand with Cards
Back and Front Hand Palming
Simplified Back and Front Hand Palm
Production of Cards One at a Time from Back of Hand
Production of Cards One at a Time from Front of Hand
To Vanish Cards One at a Time from Front of Hand
To Vanish Cards One at a Time and Produce them Again
Color Change with Cards
The Phantom Pip
Back Hand Color Change
Open Finger Color Change
Slap Change
Push Up Color Change
Thumb Steal Color Change
Double Card Change
Slip Up Color Change
Top Card Change
Bottom Dealing
Dealing Seconds
Modern Card Change
Single Hand Card Change
The Ribbon Drop
The Cascade
The One-Handed Cut

Lesson 36
Production of Cards from the Mouth
Cascade Production from Boy's Nose
Easy Method for Forcing Cards
Forcing Bottom Card
Force Behind Performer's Back
The Circus Trick
The Riffle Force
Riffle Force with Unprepared Cards
Forcing One of Four Cards on Table
Free Choice Force
Force by Naming Number
Force with Die
Forcing One of Four Cards by Using Deck
False Counting
The Slip Over False Count
The Pick Up False Count
The Palm False Count
The Wandering Aces
Slippery Aces
Mystic Aces
Rising Cards Through the Air
Levitation of a Card
Card Fountains

Lesson 37
Oriental Magic
Chinese Color Changing Coins
The Phantom Knot
The Mystic Knots
Chefalo's Knot
Mysterious Japanese Tie
The Chinese Burning Tapes
Hindoo Cut and Restored Turban
Review of Lessons 25 to 37

Lesson 38
The Mystic Smoke
The Chinese Sticks
The Climbing Balls
The Disappearing Grain
The Hindu Jar of Grain
The Productive Japanese Lantern

Lesson 39
The Handkerchief Ball
The Soup Plates and Handkerchiefs
Two Soup Plates and Handkerchiefs
The Twentieth Century Silks
Tarbell's Color Changing Handkerchief
Double Handkerchief Color Change
The Dyeing Handkerchiefs
The Birth of Old Glory

Lesson 40
Character Analysis Related to Magic
Blending of the Colors
The Mystic Ribbons
The Penetrating Pocket Knife
The Indestructible Handkerchief

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Lesson 41
Billiard Ball Manipulation
The Routine with Billiard Balls
Adam and Eve
Rainbow Billiard Balls
A Mysterious Ball Transposition
Cups and Balls

Lesson 42
The "Clean Cut" Color Changing Handkerchief
The "Vice Versa" Color Changing Handkerchiefs
Handkerchief to Billiard Ball
The Elusive Rainbow
Spot the Red
Watch the Lemon

Lesson 43
Coat and Hat Productions
Comedy Egg Production
A Master Hat Production
Rabbit Productions
An Unexpected Rabbit Production
Rapid Production of Rabbit from Hat
Novel Production of Rabbit from Hat
Easy Method for Rabbit from Hat Production
Silks and the Rabbit
Rabbit Production from Paper Ribbon
Rabbit Production from Gentlemen's Coat
A Chicken Produced from a Gentleman's Coat
Production of Bottle of Milk or Liquor from Gentleman's Hip Pocket
Changing Rabbit to Box of Candy
Sausages from Boy's Coat
General Hat Productions

Lesson 44
Chemical and Mechanical Magic
A Novel Transmission of Smoke
Wine and Water
The Wandering Glass and Bottle
Comedy Version of Wandering Glass and Bottle
Bottle, Bottle, Where's the Bottle
A Magical Transformation
A Cooking Lesson
The Welsh Rarebit

Lesson 45
Spiritualistic Magic
The Living and the Dead
Spirit Photography
The Psychic Paper
Spirit Slate Writing
Double Slate Writing
Single Slate Writing
A Parlor Séance
The Touch of Mysterious Fingers
Gysel's Method

Lesson 46
More Spiritualistic Magic
The Dark Séance at the Table
The Dark Circle
Gysel's Mysterious Lights
Dr. Bridges's Thought Projection
The Siberian Chain Escape
The Cabinet Séance
Another Good Tie
The Throw Away Coat Tie

Lesson 47
Chinese Linking Rings
Laurant's Linking Rings Routine
Weber's Emergency Routine

Lesson 48
More Oriental Magic
Tarbell Mysterious Firecrackers
Kolar's Balloons and Silks
Ching-a-Ling Chinese Lantern Production
The Hindu Mango Tree Growth
Tarbell's Hindu Plant Growth
Comedy Flower Growth

Lesson 49
Specialty Chinese Magic
Production of a Large Bowl of Water
Production of a Stack of Four Bowls of Water
Chinese Production of the Four Bowls
Production of a Child
Modern Production of Bowl of Water on Table
The Vanishing Bowl of Water
Chinese Production of Doves
The Mysterious Self-Filling Lota
Ching Ling Foo Magic Water Can
Mystery of the Paper Ball, Egg, Frog and Baby Chick
Review of Lessons 38 to 49

Lesson 50
The Tarbell Rope Mystery
Six Methods

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Lesson 51
The Mystery of King Tut
Who and Which

Lesson 52
Building Illusions
Black Art Illusions
The Illusive Hindu
A Daughter of the Sun
The Mystery of the Girl in the Trunk
The Phantom Flight

Lesson 53
Escape and Substitution Illusions
The Substitution Trunk Mystery
The Canvas Box Mystery
The Packing Box Escape
The Paper Bag Escape
The Bon Bon Box Paper Bag Escape

Lesson 54
The Black Art Table
How to Operate Black Art Wells
To "Vanish" a Billiar Ball or a Similar Object
To "Vanish" an Orange or a Large Article
To "Vanish" a Glass Tumbler
To Indetectably Change one Glass for Another
The Color Changing Silks
Hat Productions
The Card Slot
The Treasure Chest
The Chinese Pigeon Production
Thayer's Super-Vanish of Doves

Lesson 55
The Egyptian Mummy
The Mystery of the Dancing Girls
The Doll House Illusion

Lesson 56
The Sword Box
The Penetrative Steel Bars
The Indestructible Girl
Sawing a Woman in Half

Lesson 57
The Chinaman, the Ghost and the Cat
The Mystery of the Three Ghosts

Lesson 58
The Phantom of the Circus

Lesson 59
Making the Box Office Pay
Your Place in Magic
Directing Your Show

Lesson 60
Advertising and Publicity
Making Magic Pay its Way
The Folder
The Small Folder
Your Letterhead
Writting Letters
Types of Letterheads
Your Business Card
Window Cards
Mailing Cards
Window Displays
Newspaper Publicity
Newspaper Ads
Advertising Sense

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